100 vs. 200 Amps: Understanding the Difference

When deciding between a 100 amp and a 200 amp electrical panel for your home, understanding their differences is crucial. The ampere rating denotes the capacity of electricity flow, with a 200 amp panel offering more circuits and power handling capabilities compared to a 100 amp panel, albeit at a higher cost. Homes with gas heating or older appliances may suffice with a 100 amp panel, while those equipped with electrical heating, water heaters, or planning to install energy-intensive additions like air conditioning units or EV chargers benefit from the higher capacity of a 200 amp panel, which also accommodates future electrical demands such as multiple electronic devices.

In scenarios where electricity demand surpasses the capacity of the panel, power outages can occur unexpectedly, highlighting the importance of adequate amperage. Despite the Ontario building code mandating 100 amp service for new homes, upgrading to 200 amps before occupancy can ensure sufficient power supply for current and future needs. To initiate this upgrade process, interested parties can fill out an online form provided by Elexicon Energy, verifying the availability of the desired amperage in the area and detailing the necessary steps for a safe and efficient transition.

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